Live Review // The View @ Gorilla (29/09/15)

Manchester’s Gorilla played host to The View on Tuesday, to a raucous reception. Chants of ‘The View are on fire’ erupted before the band had even made it on stage, as the crowd’s anticpation bubbled to boiling point. New record ‘Ropewalk’ – their fifth in eight years – bagged an 8/10 from NME, a solid return from a band that has played a significant role in shaping British alternative-indie in the early twenty-first century. The boys from Scotland may not have enjoyed much commercial success beyond their all-conquering debut ‘Hats Of To The Buskers’, but they have stayed true to their sound and consistently produced quality music, enveloped by vibrant progression.

The massive 21-track setlist, which featured new songs ‘Living’, ‘Psychotic’, ‘Cracks’, ‘Under The Rug’, ‘Marriage’ and ‘Vodoo Doll’, reaffirmed The View’s ability to command a venue, showcasing an ever-present cult following and their demonstrably thriving Scottish fanbase. In amongst their new material there was no shortage of fan favourites, the atmosphere peaking with classic tracks ‘Shock Horror’, ‘Face For The Radio’ and ‘Same Jeans’.

The 10th stop of the band’s September UK tour, this show was huge. The fast-paced set brought wild overtones to the room, and climaxed with a stage invasion during penultimate song ‘Superstar Tradesman’. As the band left the stage, multi-talented vocalist and guitarist Kyle Falconer remained, rounding off the night with a solo keyboard version of ‘Cheeky For a Reason’ track ‘Tacky Tattoo’. Rapturous applause ensued before fans left Gorilla feeling enthused and satisfied.

Listen to ‘Under The Rug’:


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