You Heard It Here First

This week saw the explosive start of the DIY Neu Tour – a lineup of three emerging talents in the UK music scene. Chord favourite Vant, are joined by The Big Moon and Inheaven to present a truly unmissable lineup.

Vant, who played Reading and Leeds this summer, marked the opening night of the tour with the release of third single, ‘Parking Lot’, accompanied by a video to match their high tempo sound (watch below).

The band’s third single, following on from ‘Do You Know Me?’ and ‘The Answer’, boasts all of the best characteristics of Vant’s music. ‘Parking Lot’ is undoubtedly a commercial winner with a catchy riff running throughout, making it impossible not to tap your foot along. The track will enjoy a lot of air time, already receiving the accolade of being featured as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ on it’s release – a prestigious acclaim for any band. Having released only three singles, a relatively moderate output when considering the outfit’s growing success, an album will most certainly solidify their positon on the UK alternative scene.

We seriously recommend grabbing tickets to one of the remaining dates, with Vant’s music sounding it’s best in an intimate setting, with a crowd loudly showing their support for one of London’s best new sounds. Buy tickets here


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