Editors: A Brief Review of ‘IN DREAM’

Clashing meek optimism with ethereal sounds, Editors are back. Fifth studio album ‘IN DREAM’ reigns in all of Editors’ past output and influences. Glorious synths, eclectic piano and rumbling bass bring the band’s darkened vibes back to the forefront of the UK and global music scene.

Tom Smith’s baritone vocals resonate effectively, as they always have done, whilst he experiments with the falsetto tone first introduced on ‘In This Light and On This Evening’. Singles ‘No Harm’, ‘Marching Orders’ and ‘Life Is A Fear’ brilliantly emphasise the five-piece’s uncanny ability to change with the times. Other stand out tracks on the record include ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Oh My World’ which, although unmistakably Editors, still manage to deliver their own distinguishable hooks and clinchers. The inclusion of ‘alternative’ track versions on the deluxe version is an innovative idea that allows further creative reach and variation in production.

After more than two and a half years of touring, writing and scrupulous hard graft, the band, often championed by music guru Zane Lowe, have laid bare the fruit of their labour. This is a climactic and gratifying album that is well worth a listen.

The IN DREAM tour kicks off tomorrow night in Belfast – keep an eye out for our review of Editors’ October 13th show at London Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo!

Listen to single ‘Life Is A Fear’ now:


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