A Few Questions with VANT // Video Shoots, Album Release and Pig Gate

After attending the Manchester date of the DIY Neu Tour this month – with sets from newcomers The Big Moon, InHeaven and VANT – we wanted to know more. The Chord got in touch with Mattie, VANT lead vocalist/guitarist, to ask a few questions about how the band are getting on in the wake of single ‘Parking Lot’ featuring as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’…

You shot the video for Parking Lot in London recently, tell us a bit about that.

It was actually shot on this weird ass farm just outside of Brighton, our awesome director and collaborator, Sam Crook, built the room from scratch in a barn and got a couple of art directors in to treat it and make it look like the fucked up student squat it appears to be. Everyone in the video are good friends of ours, so it made it that little bit more special!

How was the after party?

Pretty tame, we had a couple of beers but I think everyone was pretty knackered after that long, long day, so proceedings were cut short!

What is your greatest achievement as a band to date?

Packing out the Lock Up Stage tent at Reading Festival at half one in the afternoon, on the first day was pretty awesome!

When can we expect an album?

It’s pretty much done, so it’s more a case of when the time is right, mid next year I would suspect.

Out of the venues/crowds you’ve played, which has been your favourite?

Bristol at The Louisiana was pretty incredible, Camden Barfly as well. Hopefully Dingwalls will top them all!

You’re playing with two class acts on Neu tour, but if you could choose one other band to tour with, which would it be?

At this specific moment in time, although we might not fit the bill, Tame Impala. I love all of their records and would love to watch them every night. Or if the LCD Sound System reformation rumours are true, then 100,000,000% them!

What is one piece of advice you would give to a band/act just starting out?

Believe in what you write and play, or no-one else will.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Pretty standard, vocal warm-ups, a little beverage, depends how hungover we are.

Do you think pig gate is true?

Yes, Oxbridge is a fucked up network built on bribes and money, everyone needs something on everyone else.

What’s your favourite pizza topping?



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