Live Review // Editors @ Hammersmith Apollo (13/10/15)

Regularly defined as one of the most accomplished live acts to come out of the UK in recent times, the hype train surrounding Editors’ Autumn 2015 tour has built a ton of momentum over the last few months. Fifth studio album IN DREAM, which peaked at number 5 in the album charts, oozes moody motifs which have become characteristic of the band’s post-punk/indie sound.

A buzz filled the walls of Hammersmith Apollo on Tuesday night, a strong sense of anticipation bouncing around the room. Following on from Scottish support The Twilight Sad, Editors took to the stage for what was the fourth date of their huge UK/Europe tour, welcomed by a galvanized crowd eager to palette the band’s new material in a prodigious setting.

Kicking off the set with marvelously morose single ‘No Harm’, Tom Smith’s voice brought goosebumps to the surface of many a forearm almost instantaneously. For any band that has been churning out great music for more than a decade, it is clear that their fans will be ardent to say the least. From the off their was a luminous connection between Editors’ and their audience.

The show progressed effortlessly, the band reeling off new songs ‘Life Is A Fear’, ‘Salvation’ and ‘Our Love’ amongst classic tracks ‘Blood’, ‘Bullets’, ‘An End Has A Start’ and ‘Racing Rats’, which brought a smouldering sense of nostalgia to the Apollo. Consistently triumphant in their deliverance, the band impressed and enthralled onlookers, dominating the venue with their tremendously evocative sound. This is an act which has the ability to establish a masterfully distinctive atmosphere, unequivocally and uniquely their own – a trait synonymous with great musicians – they had their audience enraptured… and then havoc ensued.

Sound problems started to plague the set, loud crackles coming from the speakers, a faulty cable the apparent culprit. The problem only worsened as the band tried to push on, resulting in a bold acoustic version of the magnificent ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’ – appreciated by fans – yet the frustration etched on Tom Smith’s face was all too obvious. The band vacated the stage, Smith chucking the set list into the crowd, infuriated by the situation. Boos rang around the room, not aimed at the band however, but at the venue and the sound team.

After a testing half an hour wait, which saw a considerable portion of the crowd leave the Apollo disgruntled, and two premature returns to the stage, Editors came back with ‘Munich’ – a masterstroke – to a transcendent reception which helped to stress that the crowd were not holding the band accountable. With technical issues rectified, the sublime encore which included tracks ‘Nothing’, ‘Ocean Of Night’, ‘Papillon’ and final song ‘Marching Orders’, reinvigorated room and proved, once more, that Editors are a class act and simply a brilliant group of individuals.


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